Why would I invest in massage?

Many people think of massage as a relaxing indulgence for special occasions or part of the training protocol for high caliber athletes but the reality is that therapeutic massage has tremendous value as an integral part of preventative healthcare for everyone. One of the leading causes of disease is stress. Stress is not simply a feeling of being overwhelmed or under pressure. Stress affects our bodies at a cellular level and impairs the function of the immune system, the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the digestive system and even the nervous system.

Benefits of massage include:
* Stress reduction/relaxation
* Elevates mood and vitality
* Improves circulation & blood pressure
* Improves lung function/easier breathing
* Strengthens the immune system
* Greater mental clarity
* Improves sleep quality
* Increases physical mobility
* Decreases physical pain
* Improves flexibility & joint function
* Speeds injury recovery
* Promotes healthy digestion

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Connective Tissue Therapy (aka “Deep Tissue Massage”) focuses on restoring the smooth quality of healthy muscle and connective tissue and the fluid, gliding relationship between them. Stress, injury, dehydration or disease, can cause our tissues to become “stuck” together impairing proper function and causing physical limitations and pain. CTT lengthens chronically shortened muscles allowing them to return to a relaxed state and restores the fluid, gliding quality of the connective fascia. CTT can improve range of motion, posture and flexibility while easing many types of pain including neck, back and foot pain.

Neuromuscular Therapy (aka “Trigger Point Therapy”) helps unlock chronic muscle tension patterns by stimulating neurological reflexes related to chronic muscle contraction and pain patterns. In NMT, pressure is applied to specific trigger points in muscles, causing them to relax, reducing pain and increasing body awareness.

Reflexology is based on ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine which theorizes that there are specific points on the feet that correspond to the internal structures and musculoskeletal system of the body. Proper manipulation of these reflex points helps the body to return to homeostasis. Often effective for headaches, emotional stress, cardiopulmonary disorders and digestive issues.

Sports Massage Therapy isn’t just for competitive athletes! We are all athletes at some level and put our muscles and joints through movements that can cause strains, sprains, and pains. Whether it’s from paddling a kayak, casting a fishing rod, riding a bicycle, climbing stairs, or doing yard work, the techniques used in sports massage therapy can help ease sore muscles, relax those chronic tight spots, speed recovery from over-exertion and improve strength and flexibility. Carson is trained to utilize orthopedic assessment tests for targeting the source of specific soft tissue pain and injuries.

Price For Services
Carson offers a single-rate approach for his clients and values each of his massage services at:

Techniques can be blended to tailor sessions for your specific needs.

“I went yesterday for the first time and I had an awesome experience . Carson was great. I totally recommend him.”
—Dr. John C., Physician

“I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first massage experience… Carson was very thorough, connected with me and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed… very professional… most of my back pain is gone… feeling much more calm and less stressed after the session.”
—Thomas T., Network Engineer

“What a great start to the weekend!… he unlocked whatever nerve was causing my hand to feel numb and he did an amazing job on my feet… Carson communicates well and you sense he’s really invested in and believes in his work.”
—Linda H., Corporate Trainer

“Carson is excellent, operates as a pro… caring attitude, great pressure and strength… I’m more physically relaxed, mentally uplifted and have improved mobility.”
—Pat H., Personal Trainer (retired)

“I am very relaxed, satisfied, happy… Carson was great on my back, neck, legs, arms, and especially feet… He was confident, smooth and had great pressure.”
—Deborah S., Financial Aid Administrator