Everything I do on a day to day basis I do with the intention of living life to the absolute fullest. For me, it is not enough to just stay clean and sober. For me, to is not enough to simply survive each day.

Even through challenges I have developed the ability to truly live my life! I passionately embrace this human experience moment by moment with joyful excitement and awareness, free of toxic substances and dysfunctional behaviors. I am FULLY HERE NOW!

I achieved peace, productivity and sobriety through a multidimensional approach to life that includes a holistic healthcare regime of yoga, meditation, healthy diet, and other self-care practices, as well as recovery-based meetings, community connection and service. I call this approach The Recovery Warrior path.

I offer my clients is the same clean, sober, joyful full-life experience I have been able to achieve and sustain for myself. Want to be free of the chains of addiction to substances or other crippling behaviors? Want to be released from the self-imposed limitations of negative thinking, low self-esteem and the cyclic (circular) pattern of toxic relationships and disappointing life experiences?

Would you like to wake up every morning excited to discover what the new day has to offer?

Do you want to live life to your fullest awesome potential?

I offer a coaching program that is tailored to your needs and supports your recovery forward into a sustainable, joyful, abundant life of freedom.