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Often addiction goes hand in hand with physical pain. I used to self-medicate in a desperate attempt to escape pain (emotional and physical) and I got hooked on the narcotic pain meds prescribed by well-meaning doctors. This did not go well, to say the least. And just relieving pain does not address the root causes of pain — it just puts a band-aide on the symptom.

Exploring my own physical challenges in my home studio (today, pain in low back) through yoga therapy and massage helps me empathize with my clients and makes me a better practitioner. And utilizing the resources I have available (today, my “Essential Anatomy” app and the materials from a recent workshop I attended) hones my skills in targeting the root causes of pain and how to address the source as well as the symptom.

I am always exploring, examining, and studying. Contact me to learn how my Recovery Warrior Path can improve your well-being!